Company Profile

Mr. Anant Mundra embodies the "True deal" of building a successful business despite being born to humble circumstances in a Indian region. As a sickly boy, Anant Mundra ate and learned about Social needs from his own working experience involve his long time in political sector. He then studied Social problem why it is and Source for them, such after he recognize that problem of social status and life style of human beings.

During his political Carrier he spent a lot of time to ensure how to provide a better social status to all he work on that way and start learning in this subject he studied in different sector and service frames so man can get a better social life. After study he suggests too many people to start as employment service provider who was capable to do so. But as human strength each one has a limit to provide employment.

So he decide to worked more on it, and start learning multi level marketing system he compare traditional working system and smart working system (MLM) and found that MLM is only way to provide better income source to each people.

In 2018 he decide to start a MLM Business for people empowerment, he complete all required legal process he start own business and founded new MLM company with name of TRUE DEAL and start providing employment to all.

TRUE DEAL has now grown to a global company in all over India with and regular distributing franchise. Mr. Anant Mundra continues to run TRUE DEAL with passion and dedication.